How to Create a Filter in Gmail

Did you know that you can separate your business emails from your personal ones? You can create a filter that does something specific (mark it with a star, forward it to another email, etc.) to those particular types of emails every time they come in!

Problem: You need to see only emails from your shopping cart.
Solution: The following step-by-step screenshot tutorial will show you how to do just that!

1. On, you will need to open up one of the emails that have the information you are trying to create a filter from. Then click the three dots icon which is a drop-down and select “Filter messages like this


2. In the next window you will see a kind of form that you will set your filter criteria for. As noted in my screenshot, you can choose many different methods of filtering but I recommend only doing one unless you want to ensure you will not have any falsely filtered emails. For example, if I wanted to make sure my wife’s emails never showed up in spam and I never missed one of her emails, I would put her email address in the from field and I would click “Create filter” (on the next step I would choose “Never send it to Spam”, “Star it”” and “Always mark it Important”.  🙂


3. In the last screen you will select what you want to be done to the email when Gmail receives them.