You have a low Score on Google Page Speed huh?

While the Google Page Speed tool is useful as a tool to help website developers improve things, it’s by no means a “Must Score High” situation. It’s usually used by web designers that are trying to get your business. If your website loads quickly on a mobile device and desktops, then you’re probably doing okay. But we can obviously improve any website because there is no such thing as a perfect website. We recommend reevaluating every aspect of your website at least every six months, not just the page speed but your message, the look and feel of the website, analyze traffic, talk to customers and get their input, and so much more. But as far as Google Page Speed, it’s pretty much just a guide or tool. If you can’t take our word for it, just look at how little these multi-billion dollar companies care about their “Google Page Speed” score…
22 Mobile / 52 Desktop
(Email Sales Page)
278 Mobile / 82 Desktop

Interesting Note:
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16 Mobile / 27 Desktop
33 Mobile / 40 Desktop

These Google Page Speed Reports ran last on October 25th, 2022