Redirecting an Old Domain to a New One

When you’re moving from one domain to another and there are URLs that are important to you (aka: page links on the old site that you want to be rerouted to the new site) there are things that can be done to ensure your visitors flow through to your new website.

Examples of some reasons why you would want to reroute them:

  • Someone might have a link to your old site in an email that you previously sent
  • There may be a link to some of those pages on some of your old printing
  • Other websites that linked into the old site
  • Google has the website indexed and when people search for your name, the old domain/website comes up

There are two options:

1. Forward the Domain at the Registrar

You can (for free) forward your domain at your registrar (The place you registered the domain name) Disclaimer… Some registrars charge for this but we don’t and GoDaddy doesn’t.

Pros: Free, Fast and Easy!

If your old website had an SSL certificate (the address started with https) then Google and any link clicked will result in a “Warning” page saying the site is not safe to visit potentially resulting in loss of business and or reputation.

2. Host the Old Site with Just a Redirect

Have us or someone host the website so that a 301’s list could be generated to reroute the visitor to the proper pages or at very minimum the homepage.

Pros: You will not lose business or reputation because all of the pages will reroute properly.

Cost is minimal, but costs none-the-less.

We charge $35 per year for this and it can be added to your annual hosting, or we can increase your monthly hosting by $3 per month. This price is for under 5 pages, if you need more pages setup to the matching page on the new site, you would pay a one-time charge of $2 per additional URL. An example of this is if you had 10 or 12 important service pages that you need to make sure get routed to the new version of that page on the new website, we would create a larger list for you so that those pages rerouted properly.

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