If it sounds too good to be true…

If it sounds too good to be true… Momma always gets proven right, admit it. One of the phrases that has become a staple is “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Modern Web Studies customers are calling in with offers from company’s on website builds and Search Engine Optimization that are promising things that look fantastic… But does the adage hold… Read more of this article

If you get this in the mail about your domain name, toss it in the trash

Problem: Domain Name Registration Companies attempt to get you to switch your domain to them, but your domain ends up expiring because they can’t take it over with out your help.

We get these letters in the mail all the time with companies trying to trick us into registering our domain names through them instead of with the company we currently use. This… Read more of this article

Google Chrome is Set to Mark All Non SSL Sites to Not Secure in July 2018

As of July, 2018 Google Chrome will be marking all websites that are not running on an SSL certificate (the address bar reads https://) as NOT SECURE. This can be a devastating thing for business because when people see a message that says your site is not secure, they think that the site is not safe. In actuality, it’s safe, just not for putting credit card… Read more of this article

Don’t put your business in the hands of a stranger making BIG promises of online success!

Because Google has made massive changes over the last two years, and concentrated many changes over the last six months; you may have been bombarded by solicitors telling you that you need to upgrade your website, make it more mobile friendly or more visible to search engines.

Any or all of that may indeed be true!

Modern Web Studios has worked hard to keep ahead… Read more of this article

How do I know if a Domain Renewal Notice is Real or Fake?

Periodically you might receive a domain registration notice from a bogus company telling you that this is your final chance to register your domain name. This scam, among others such as registering your website with Google or other search engines for a charge, are completely false and should be deleted. You do not need to register your domain if it’s already… Read more of this article

Approach Facebook Advertising with Caution…

Here at Modern Web Studios are always tuned into different marketing ideas and strategies that can help our customers perform better; and us too of course. We’ve all heard about the successes that many have raved about for Facebook marketing, even watching commercials with testimonials and we have to admit they looked pretty good. So Modern Web Studios… Read more of this article

Beware of Scams, There are a lot of them out there!

There are a lot of scams going on out there right now by foreign individuals that are posing as someone from “Microsoft”. They do a little bit of research first. They get your name and number from the Internet or from a Yellow/White Pages listing to make you feel like it could be legitimate. Then the began to explain that your computer has sent a notification to Microsoft… Read more of this article