Why You Need to Upgrade Your Old Website

Modern Web Studios has always been on the cutting edge of technology. Over 10 years ago, when CuBit was developed, it was part of a handful of customer friendly website editing platforms. It provided someone with no website training the ability to edit their own site!

With technology constantly requiring newer, faster and safer website platforms, what was once cutting edge has gone the way of Microsoft 95, XP, 7, 8 and just about any smart phone that is over 3 years old. While cubit is currently functioning by presenting images and details on your company, there is a lot of technology that has not only changed, but is limiting our ability to combat things like spam and even hackers.

We saw this coming a few years back, so we began working on an updated, state-of-the-art system to replace Cubit with. We looked at what made Cubit great and what its limitations were to build a new system that would handle it all. We now have over 350 websites on this new, proven platform and customers are loving it!

Constructed on WordPress (the world’s largest and most popular platform) we have enhanced the editing experience to have the simplicity of Cubit but adding powerful tools that many websites need to be competitive in today’s saturated internet market.

A Few Recent Rebuilds

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Beyond the obvious we put together a list of some of the more substantial reason why a website upgrade to a better platform is needed.

1. Adobe Flash has been abandoned by Adobe and all browsers. It’s no longer considered secure:

Adobe Flash is no longer maintained by Adobe and is now labeled as a dangerous plugin to have running on your website. For several CuBit websites Flash technology was used in the header and footer of the website. Oddly enough, even though Adobe is a very popular and strong company, Adobe flash has been listed as one of the dangerous scripts to run on a website because hackers can take advantage of some vulnerabilities they have. Because of our security system we have in place, your website doesn’t have any vulnerabilities but, because flash has been deemed by all the major browsers as a security threat; it now displays a warning to the visitors if they have flash.

Here’s what that warning looks like on some visitor’s browsers:

(on other visitor’s browsers it will just be a blank area)

2. Old Website has Outdated Spam Tools (aka Captcha):

Something else that is no longer effective (which used to be VERY effective) is the word verification (aka Captcha) that keeps bots from programmatically filling forms out. Spammers are CONSTANTLY working to get around anti-spam tools like captchas. Spammers use your contact form to send you, the site owner, spam. But what’s worse is the forms are also used by would-be hackers to get you to click a link which in-turn downloads a virus to your computer (and yes, even if you have a Mac). Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop every single one of these, but if we have an effective spam tool at our disposal, it makes it much easier to block and or filter 98% of them. The old CuBit website’s platform is very limited in that it does not have the more current technology that can both block and filter out spam by keywords; however, our new system does.

3. Old Website is not Responsive (Mobile Friendly):

For many of our Cubit websites when the website was built the internet was mostly reserved for desktops and laptops. There wasn’t as high of a percentage of use of phones pulling up websites like there is today. Today, according to Google, nine out of 10 users start their search for a service or product with their phone and eventually move to a desktop to complete their transaction or finish their research. So mobile friendliness is paramount. Non-mobile friendly websites can also affect your Google ranking, for many of our customers; this is an important fact.

Modern Web Studios Continues To Lead The Way

The internet industry has reacted to these changes by offering either a clumsy editor with little support or locking the customer out of websites completely. As usual Modern Web Studios is leading the way with an elegant editor that our customers have access to. We spend 18 months researching, developing, testing and perfecting the Teamero platform, powered by WordPress. Because it is built on WordPress we have the confidence that we will not be left with an editing platform that the industry doesn’t support. WordPress constantly updates the PHP programming and security of the platform, updates that we implement as part of our services.
(just about everywhere else charges extra)

Additionally WordPress uses Plug-ins, much like apps on your phone. This makes your website infinitely expandable in functionality and usefulness. There are constantly thousands of developers worldwide working on new features and programs.

Teamero, Quickly Setting The Standard

There’s a reason WordPress is the biggest and most popular Website Development platform and why it has the most widely developed add-ons in the industry: it’s the most powerful and versatile! We’ve chosen WordPress to build our enhanced Teamero on for that reason but also because it’s easier to update all of our websites in one central system and push out enhancements to all of our clients as things arise. With CuBit we couldn’t do that. We had to do each and every update as we got to the site. This slowed down progress as well consumed our schedules with never ending upgrades. With Teamero, our time is freed up to create new programs and push them out to all of our website to help improve the user experience and maintain user experience (both Visitors and Administrators) keeping you up to date with the latest security and technology at all times!

Universal Editor

We also took the strongest point of CuBit, the universal editor and implemented it into the core of Teamero. The one big concern we had with WordPress early on is that you needed to purchase a theme to make it work, and EVERY theme edited differently. With our universal editor we eliminate the need to purchase a theme and keep the editing experience the same for nearly every client, regardless of the look of the website! This makes edits, training, updates and support much faster!

We’ve Been Listening!

Over the years CuBit was changed, enhanced and developed to the limits of the PHP programming. We kept a list of the recommendations that came from our customers and contractors, a sort of “wish list” should we every get the capability to do. With the Teamero system we have been able to implement many of these AND MORE!

Check out some of these enhancements:

  1. With CuBit the urls were .html and have numbers in them, the new system is just a keyword and nothing more in the url.
  2. The Teamero sitemap is formatted for the new Google standards in the new system.
  3. The new forms have not only the Google Captcha but also a spam filter that we remove certain keywords.
  4. The Teamero admin forms allow all the forms to be reviewed in a list. Plus you can export, delete or keep stored the form submissions.
  5. Google responds better to the Teamero system than CuBit. This is because it has the ability to handle the ever changing new technology that continues to change our methods.
  6. We now can use Caching plugins to improve speed where CuBit was a programming process. This meant changes were lengthy vs. not its an automatic process after the initial set-up.
  7. We now can update all of our websites in one central system because we’ve built a Hub to manage all of our WP sites. This means we can push out enhancements and security updates to all of our WP sites as we release new versions of them. With CuBit we couldn’t do that. We had to do each and every update as we got to the site.
  8. More powerful editing tools. (Example: Easy copy and paste screen shots straight into your content area to save time)
  9. Our in-house staff editors now can assist with theme changes. With CuBit only the developer could make theme changes in Cubit. 
  10. More control over your themes. You can now edit the header and footer, sidebars, menu with drop downs and more.
  11. New “Page Sections” to allow you to have large panels on your home page. With CuBit this had to be structured into one box like CuBit’s page content area. Each section is full width of the screen and can have it’s own separate background color or images and also video if you want!
  12. See multiple revisions and restore back to a time before a mistake or before an edit (instead of just one previous save back).
  13. Enable and disable elements of your website with easy, and on a per page basis. So if you want a certain page to not have a menu and header or a footer, you can just have it display the content by itself. This is perfect for special ad campaigns where you don’t want to distract the visitor from anything other than the deal you’ve presented to them.
  14. Password protect your pages so you can use it for certain clients or even internal pages only.
  15. Forms can send emails to multiple people, not just one person like Cubit is limited to.
  16. A MUCH more powerful formbuilder with more modern tools to make your forms look so much cleaner and sleeker.

Oh yes… and much, MUCH more!


Comparison Chart – CuBit to Teamero

Below is a comparison chart showing you the difference between CuBit (Our older much simpler content management system) and Teamero (our newer and much more powerful content management system built upon the WordPress core platform.)  [easy-pricing-table id=”9548″]

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about these items.

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