What’s the Difference between Office365 Email and Office365 Desktop Apps?

Microsoft (in their curious sense of wisdom) decided to name their email account services the same as their desktop applications (Office365). Of course, this makes the job of an IT professional somewhat more difficult because most customers don’t understand the difference. They easily get confused between the two since the name is very similar…… Read more of this article

Creating a Distribution Group (formerly known as an Email Forward) on GoDaddy

What is a Distribution Group?

It’s basically what a forward used to be. It’s when you don’t want to pay for an email account (let’s say for example [email protected]) and you want that email address to only redistribute to three people in the company. But no one at any point ever needs to send an email FROM it. That’s a Forward,… Read more of this article

Creating a Stripe Payment Link

1. Login to your Stripe account and search for “Payment”

2. Click the “Create Payment Link” button

3. Configure your Payment Form (choosing options to receive payment or donations, etc.)

4. Email us the URL they provide you. [email protected]   It will look like this… (We added a custom image to ours)  🙂 https://buy.stripe.com/6oEcPX0qpcZScgM000… Read more of this article

Understanding Domain or Website Forwarding to New Website Specific Pages

This method requires us to host the website so we can setup an SSL certificate so your visitors have a safe experience and don’t see any warnings about the website not being “secure”. Also when we host the website, we can build a Redirect List so the server can reroute any visitors to the old website to go to the new website. Contact us to help you… Read more of this article

Understanding Domain or Website Forwarding to New Website Home Page

Okay, now let’s look at your old website for a second. Do you have an SSL on the old website? Here’s how you can tell… To determine which one your website is, simply go to Google and search for it like this… Does your old website use http or https? If your website isn’t using the “s”… The solution is simple, all… Read more of this article