Easy Ways to Create Stronger Passwords

Are you still using a simple password?

Easy solutions for creating stronger passwords. We have all heard about the importance of using stronger passwords. The thought of having to create stronger passwords that we can remember and that are unique at the same time can be daunting! We are careful with things like our driver’s license and social security… Read more of this article

Why is My Form Captcha Not Stopping Spam?

So you don’t receive a lot of spam through your forms however, you do get some once in a while and you’re wondering why you get any at all because you have a Captcha that supposed to stop those. Well, Captchas are designed to stop bots (not humans). Bots are programs or scripts that are written by spammers or hackers to perform a function for the person… Read more of this article

Do I need to file state taxes on my eCommerce store?

Creating an online store today can be a great way to make money without the need of a local store. However, as the internet continues to become more regulated, the smart shop owner is going to do a little research to keep your store… out of hot water. Death and Taxes (well just taxes today) When you have a shopping cart online, you must collect and report and… Read more of this article

You have a low Score on Google Page Speed huh?

While the Google Page Speed tool is useful as a tool to help website developers improve things, it’s by no means a “Must Score High” situation. It’s usually used by web designers that are trying to get your business. If your website loads quickly on a mobile device and desktops, then you’re probably doing okay. But we can obviously… Read more of this article

How to Create a Filter in Gmail

Did you know that you can separate your business emails from your personal ones? You can create a filter that does something specific (mark it with a star, forward it to another email, etc.) to those particular types of emails every time they come in! Problem: You need to see only emails from your shopping cart. Solution: The following step-by-step screenshot… Read more of this article