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Our Blogs and Articles

The importance of using a UNIQUE and Strong Password in Your Online Accounts
on Saturday, October 15 2016
Like it or not, computers are a part of every aspect our lives and because were creatures of habit, we tend to use the same password for everything. Sometimes we even get a little creative and change it up for certain websites that have more important information like online banking; but for the most part we use one email address and one password for every website we have an account with. Where this practice can ...
How do I know if a Domain Renewal Notice is Real or Fake?
on Thursday, October 6 2016
How does a small business owner truly know if that domain name renewal notice or hosting renewal notice is real or fake? Well we've written a blog article to help you understand a little bit more about your domain name. And we've even included a short checklist of ways to verify. However, nothing beats a phone call to us so we can just tell you over the phone if an email you've received is legitimate or not. (888) 987-7771
What is the “Speed of Awesome”
on Tuesday, October 4 2016
Everyone’s heard of the speed of light and the speed of sound, but what is the speed of awesome?Is it a measurement to identify how fast a task is completed? No, not really… The Speed of Awesome is a concept, rather a mindset of how a task is accomplished that I developed many years ago when working in a variety of different industries. It takes into account different attributes with the ...
Steps to Gift Someone Money (fee Free!) in PayPal
on Wednesday, August 17 2016
Have you ever wanted to send someone money from your PayPal account but didn't want the person to have to pay fees to process the payment? Well, you can! All you have to do is "Gift" it to them.   Steps to "Gift" someone money in PayPal: Login to PayPal Click “Money” on the left Click “Send Money” on the left Click “Send money to friends and family” Type ...
Approach Facebook Advertising with Caution...
on Monday, July 4 2016
Here at Modern Web Studios are always tuned into different marketing ideas and strategies that can help our customers perform better; and us too of course. We've all heard about the successes that many have raved about for Facebook marketing, even watching commercials with testimonials and we have to admit they looked pretty good. So Modern Web Studios decided to try out a boosted post campaign to see what kind of response we could get. ...
Happy Independence Day
on Friday, July 1 2016
The staff and families at Modern Web Studios would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day. How blessed are we that we can live in a country that allows us the freedom to be entrepreneurs and follow the American dream.
Beware of Scams, There are a lot of them out there!
on Saturday, June 18 2016
There are a lot of scams going on out there right now by foreign individuals that are posing as someone from “Microsoft”. They do a little bit of research first. They get your name and number from the Internet or from a Yellow/White Pages listing to make you feel like it could be legitimate. Then the began to explain that your computer has sent a notification to Microsoft alerting them of some ...
It's Time to Upgrade Your Website!
on Tuesday, May 31 2016
The information superhighway has raised the speed limit so you need to keep your website tuned up if you're going to stay in the race! Google has launched an overhaul of it's search indexing and Modern Web Studios has kept pace to make sure YOU have what you need to succeed. The latest edition of the Cubit CMS has some awesome eye candy features to help your site stand out; add to that a crisp ...
Collage Quick Gallery
on Saturday, January 30 2016
Here's a demo of our newest Quick Gallery Plugin... the "Collage". It can be configured to work many different ways from starting off the images in grayscale, sepia tone, darkened, washed out, and other styles of starting photo styles. Then you can set different hover effects like twist zoom, shrink, and other effects. You can also customize the size of the thumbnails, set the spacing between each image so they are either touching or have ...
Blog Template - How to write an effective blog
on Saturday, May 2 2015
Title (H1) The Title of the Blog Shows up above here as an (H1) A good blog article should start with an introduction. A good introduction will outline what your article will be about and will also list a structure to follow. A good article should have at least 300 words so that you can thoroughly get your message across, give examples and cover different topics. This article will act as a guide to writing a ...
Create a Call to Action to make your customers DO something!
on Sunday, January 4 2015
So you have a great looking, functional website... You have put all the right things in the right places to get picked up by search engines. You're ranking well.. but the phone is just not ringing.... Maybe it is because there is no Call-To-Action! Shoppers today are looking for a Deal! Often they "surf the net" looking for the company that is offering something special or extra. Now while we all feel that we have ...
Beware of the FAKE Dun & BradStreet Email
on Monday, October 6 2014
Beware of the FAKE Dun & BradStreet Email that some scammer out there is attempting to use to get you to open a very dangerous Email attachment. According to Dun & BradStreet themselves, the dead give away is the "Zipped Attachment". If it has an attachment that's zipped, DO NOT OPEN IT! If you have any questions or concerns that it might be legitimate, just contact Dun & BradStreet directly at 1.800.700.2733 or go to their ...
The Right Tool for the Right Job
on Thursday, September 18 2014
The right tool for the right job The tools available from Modern Web Studios serve in both functionality as well as look good, but all that set aside they are there to get more business! Case in point is the chat feature that you see on our website, premium sites and coincidentally is available for upgrade as well; we received a chat message for assistance from our landscaping website package:; thing is ...
The Small Business Start-up Kit
on Sunday, July 20 2014
Welcome to Small Business Ownership! We would like to congratulate you on your new business and encourage you to take all the rights steps in the beginning of what we hope will be a very successful business for you. It is our opinion that there is no greater satisfaction than building something from the ground up with your own blood sweat and tears. Sure, it's difficult and at times stressful, but there's nothing quite like ...
Landscaper Website Design Project in Lexington, KY
on Wednesday, February 19 2014
Recently, we received a phone call from Jeremy Lichtefeld, the owner of Lichtefeld Lawns in Lexington, Kentucky. He had a website designed for his company a few years ago, but the web designer became… well, let's just say "unavailable", leaving Jeremy with a broken site and no web designer to fix it. Jeremy needed a trust-worthy web designer near Lexington, KY that could set up a fully self-editable website quickly. He was referred to ...

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